Futuristic Farming.

Vienna, 2013-

Hydroponics is a modern way of farming that optimizes the supply of nutrients plants need specifically and thereby spares any soil. This a much more efficient way of farming, embraced by many DIY enthusiasts and is also finding its way into the urban farming movement. Not only does it save 90% of the water that traditional farming uses, but also the crops produce much higher yields. A drawback of hydroponics is the amount of research and knowledge required to get started. There are quite a few variables involved that influence the results. This is a pity, because it can be the most hands-off way of getting fresh fruit and vegetables when the environment is closely controlled and monitored. Unfortunately, there are no tools available for this purpose, yet.

By developing these tools, we make hydroponics culture accessible to a larger community. In the scope of this project I am developing a data driven sensor. The sensor consists of low cost components. Key to it is a complex machine learning based analysis of self-gathered and labeled data. Unfortunately, because we have to create a labeled data base ourself its development is very time consuming.

Other devices will follow soon. Ideas and participation are welcome. Email me for more information and access to our git repository.

Project with Louis Smit