Goethe on my Mind

Vienna, 2015

Deutschland Radio Kultur reports about the project. (ca. 41 min, Sep 2015) .

Result of a jam session between AI and visitors of the PRISMA festival, presented by serval actors, Berlin, Germany (Jan 2016).

Human-machine interaction is nothing new in art performances, from Golan Levin to Sophia Brueckner all make extensive use of computer tools. However, in this project for the first time an AI is taking over the role of the creative lead, the human is merely here to deliver, deliver poetry.

Goethe-on-my-mind is an AI, more specifically an RNN that has been trained with German classics such as Goethe and Schiller, furthermore, the corpus was supplemented by gangster rappers like Bushido, KIZ and Kollegah. Goethe-on-my-mind amuses because it shows static differences but also reveals contextual similarities between the genres (Goethe sure loves to talk about his genitalia).

We presented it at the Chaos Communication Camp. Due to national media coverage, early in the following year, Goethe-on-my-mind has again invited for a jam session at PRISMA a festival that seeks to bring new media to the theater (at Kobra theatre Berlin).

In collaboration with Louis Smit and Maximilian Ilse. Artwork by Fabian Stübner.