Save your Soul.

Amsterdam, 2017

It has been documented that some American Natives believed that their soul would be taken away from them if someone was to take a picture of them. Who would have thought that this wisdom vindicates in this day and age. Facebook (and most other social media platform) use user data to predict and influence user properties such as gender, age, taste, personality trades, and even likelihood for a felony, depression and what a person is voting for, from only a few likes. Often they are more accurate than closest friends. Similarly, photos are being used to find out with who one interacts and when, or how much one had to drink yesterday. All data that can legally be bought by anyone onto request.

While some escape the madness by not joining social media platform, most will find it hard to resist the social pressure. The Save-your-Soul project can be a (temporary) solution for those who seek to keep their souls regardless. Interested parties can send their photos to the project before they upload it anywhere. Each photo is corrupted a tiny little bit, not even visuable to the human eye, but these corruptions fool all current algorithms that detect faces, friends or just objects.