Dr. Karen Ullrich

I am a research scientist (s/h) at FAIR NY and am actively collaborating with researchers from the Vector Institute and the UoAmsterdam. My main research focus lies in the intersection of information theory and probabilistic machine learning / deep learning 💜.

I previously completed a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Max Welling. Prior to that, I worked at the Austrian Research Institute for AI, Intelligent Music Processing and Machine Learning Group lead by Prof. Gerhard Widmer. I studied Physics and Numerical Simulations in Leipzig and Amsterdam. If you are interested in an up-to-date CV please write me.

For the most up-to-date publication list, see my Google Scholar page.


2021/05 I was invited as a keynote speaker at the ICLR Neural Compression workshop.

Click the links to watch me talk about Neural Communication systems :)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
[Workshop] [Video]

2020/09 I succefully defended my PhD !!1

The ceremony was recorded by the University of Amsterdam and is available in the link below.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2018/09 Die Grenzen der Automation durch Künstliche Intelligenz: Wie wissen wir, was automatisiert werden kann und was nicht?

Invited talk at Brave New World, a conference organised byt the Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung, in collaboration with Hendrik Heuer
Berlin, Germany.

2017/12 Beeinflussung durch Künstliche Intelligenz

Contributed talk at 34c3 (Chaos Communication Congress), in collaboration with Hendrik Heuer
Leipzig, Germany.

2017/07 What Would Shannon Do? Bayesian Compression for DL

Contributed talk at the MILA/CIFAR Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School
Montreal, Canada.

2016/08 Tutorial on Deep Learning for the Arts

Workshop at Electromagnetic Field Festival
Guildford, UK.

2016/06 Neural Style Transfer for Music

4 Weeks project with 10 students, in collaboration Jörn-Henrik Jacobsen and Thomas Kipf
Uo Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2015/08 Goethe on my Mind

Contributed talk at Chaos Communication Camp
Mildenberg, Germany.